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Strategic innovation, software consulting, and staff coaching

We offer consulting covering a broad spectrum of the application development process. We've been doing this for a while - let us help.

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We will:

  • Inspect, assess, and analyze your code base and tech stack.
  • Define project scope and come up with realistic cost and time estimates.
  • Assist in interviewing and hiring new employees and freelancers.
  • Mentor team members on advanced programming topics
  • Select and integrate technical products for use in development and internal tooling.
  • Accurately record and report on project progress, issues, and successes.

Specialization on demand

It's always important to have the right tool for the job. In software engineering and computer science, languages data structures and algorithms are our tools, and it helps to know them well.

We know a lot of things, but it is impossible to know everything. So we're good at specializing. We have a broad experience with a depth of knowledge in many different fields. Knowing the global landscape helps us chart a path, even if we don't know the local area, and it gives us great insight on problems beyond the horizon.

We're not afraid to take a deep, hard look at your techology stack. If we're unfamiliar with your chosen tools, we're not afraid to learn them either.

Formalize your standards

Working loose and fast with definitions only gets you so far, and relying on informal conventions becomes a source of pain when it comes to onboarding, development, and maintenance.

Once you know your requirements, they should be formalized as to make it clear and unambiguous. This lets you focus on making meaningful design decisions, instead of worrying about how to patch the latest hole caused by a lack of consistent software engineering.

We will:

  • Understand your product from a system-level perspective.
  • Recommend best practices and software products.
  • Codify resource management, business logic, and error handling.
  • Assist in wholesale refactoring of defunct or failing code bases.
  • Determine when the project requires an expert specialist.

We know how to build apps from the ground up

We're familiar with the entire software development process stack, and can help you develop your project even if you've never done it before. Let us help.

We've worked on applications big and small

From high-quality television apps developed when the iPad was released, to comic book readers, to smart lightswitches, to food e-commerce applications - we've done it all.

Invest in mentorship.

Looking to up your team's skills? A day of preparation now prevents weeks of downtime later. Don't just settle for getting it done - make sure it gets done right.

Our niches

Mobile Development

Our backbone is our deep full-stack knowledge of mobile app development. We've been doing it since smartphones came out.


We're good at optimizing both code and teams. Whether you want to make your app run faster, or help your team get it to market quicker, we can help with that.


All computers need a user interface to be usable. We can help you put together a no-nonsense interface that just works, whether it be shell or app or html.

Networking and Distributed Systems

Networks and APIs are the heart of any modern app, and we've got tons of experience with industry standards like REST+JSON. Sometimes you just want something better. We also know how to drop down to TCP or Bluetooth and write your own protocol when you need to go fast.

Data Structures and Algorithms

We've got the mathematical background to solve your problem efficiently. Our familiarity with a large array of diverse data structures and algorithms. We don't have every property memorized, but that was never the point. We know how to pick the right algorithm for you, to preserve the properties that you find important.

Functional programming

We're experts in advanced functional programming techniques. Our favorite language is Haskell, but we know how to bring what we've learned to other languages. Functional programming is a state of mind, not a syntax. We're even building our own functional compiler for exploring distributed functional programming.

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