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Run a distributed business ledger

Tired of relying on the whims of FAANG techology? Run your distributed business software on any available compute.

  • Describe your core business as a set of data types and functions.
  • Make provable statements about the content-state of your ledger. The same techology used by blockchains for efficient proof-of-existence can be used to prove statements about complex objects.
  • Verify all data and transactions automatically.
  • Track, visualize, and audit your businness's digital side.
  • Take advantage of type- and origin-safety to secure your data and infrastructure.
  • Make onboarding easy - automatically and safely give new employees access to the right tools, data, and infrastructure

It is your business, you should be in control. Don't get trapped in someone else's walled garden.

Don't get bogged down writing network code and APIs

What if your data knew how to write its own APIs? Let the compiler handle it!

  • Automatically derive the proper neccesary data contracts from your business's data types.
  • Make synchronizing server and client state as simple as asking if anything has changed, and then only send what is needed.
  • Host your own email, messaging, source control, storage and transaction services with no extra trouble
  • Open custom data apertures for employees, clients, and customers.
  • Migrate without worry.

A "smart contract" is just an origin-aware computation written in a specialized language. We can do that without requiring special syntax. (Learn more about distributed turing machines here)

Develop browser, desktop, server, and mobile apps in the same language

We'll worry about [providing a mechanism for] getting the right data to the right device. You worry about how good it looks when displaying it.

  • Cleanly separate UI from state.
  • Build your UI as a set of interface layouts, and give it a data-state to render.
  • Update the UI only when something has changed.
  • Rapidly test alternate or device-specific layouts.
  • Focus on the business logic.

It's all easier with well-defined types.

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